London: Fortnightly Demonstration Outside #Ahava, Free Palestine, Boycott Israel Demo 31.7.10 #BDS

Join us Saturday 31st of July from 12pm to 2pm outside Ahava, bring placards, banners, friends and let's make sure we keep the pressure on Ahava to shut down.

Ahava is a company based in an illegal settlement in the
West Bank.

It profits from the sale of stolen goods and helps maintain the illegal occupation of
Palestine and the oppression of the Palestinian people.

While Palestinians are regularly getting their homes raided and demolished by the occupation army, Ahava and many other companies illegally manufacture products on Palestinian land under international impunity.

People from all walks of life who care about Justice and Equality have been demonstrating outside Ahava since february, in response to a call for regular solidarity action from Bi'lin.
The demonstrations as well as other actions done in the past against the shop are seriously disrupting the sale of their bloody goods. 

It is also a way of telling the public to join the Boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

The campaign against Ahava is international, and activists in
France are in the early stages of bringing a company which stocks Ahava products to court. 

See you there!