TODAY: Support Rally! I Love the Olympia Food Co-op #BDS

People are planning to protest the Eastside Co-op.

We need to show a presence of support for the Co-op.

We will line the sidewalks along
Pacific Ave. in front of the EASTSIDE CO-OP and show the co-op some love!

Friday, July 30 4:30-6 PM 

Signs should signify support for the Co-op: 
I Love the Olympia Food Co-op 
The Olmypia Food Co-op Rocks My World 
Olympia Food Co-op + Me BFF!
You get the drift. 


IMPORTANT! Please be respectful and positive! The co-op made the right decision and we want to show them support! Please do not engaging in any escalation that the protesters may put forth, or shouting contests. We do not want to get political we just want to show our support for the co-op in the face of opposition. We do not want to disrupt the operation of the co-op in anyway. Thanks! 

If you can't participate in the support rally, it is still a great chance to do some shopping, become a members or make sure your membership is up to date and all your dues are paid. Tell the co-op staff or board member that you support the co-op and boycott. This lets the co-op know in a tangible way that as members or potential members we love and support their decision for human rights of Palestinians!

Olympia BDS