USA, Chicago: Meeting to send a U.S. ship to Gaza July 25

This meeting is designed to for a Palestine solidarity activists that will work together to raise funds to send a U.S. ship to Gaza in August or September. We will also serve as a support network for those traveling on this humanitarian mission.

 We especially need individuals to attend that can assist us with securing musical artists and venues for this fundraising project. The Chicago chapter of the International Solidarity Movement serves as the Midwest support team for the Free Gaza Movement. Our message to Israel is that we will not be intimidated and we will return!

We hope that you will make every effort to participate in this meeting. If you have received this invitation but do not live in the
Chicago area ... please forward this to any of your friends in Chicago that you may think would be interested.

U.S. ship to Gaza: Midwest Support Group!/group.php?gid=120061924706789&ref=mf

Sunday, July 25
3:30pm - 5:00pm
Chicago, IL (please send an RSVP to for meeting location)