UK,London: Public seminar with 3 Arab members of the Israeli Knesset 28.7.10


PSC/MEMO Public seminar, 28th July, House of Commons - with Haneen Zoabi, Israeli Knesset member on the Mavi Marmara, Dr Jamal Zahalka and Talab Sana.


The speakers will focus on the 'Jewish character' of the state of Israel, its meaning and significance, political discrimination and the condition of Arabs in Israel.

Haneen Zoubi will also speak out about her experience on the Mavi Marmara as part of the Freedom Flotilla trying to break the siege on
Gaza that was attacked by Israeli commandos on 31st May. She will also talk about the death threats she has subsequently received and the pending decision to revoke her parliamentary privileges.

There are only a limited numbers of spaces available for this event and REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL.

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