Washington Harbor:Nakba Commemoration

"I come from there and I remember..."
Mahmoud Darwish

Saturday May 15, 2010

Join Palestinians in peaceful expression and commemoration of Nakba in Washington DC


The Catastrophe of 1948

In 1948, Zionist forces ethnically cleansed 500+ Palestinian villages, dispossessing 800,000+ Palestinians, to create the State of Israel. Ethnic cleansing continues today.....in Gaza, in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, inside Israel 48, and in Palestinian Refugee Camps in neighboring countries.

To commemorate Nakba, we will sail the Potomac in an act of determination and peaceful defiance.

Like the Free Gaza Flotilla sailing on May 24th to break the siege on Gaza, we will symbolically break the siege.
In breaking the siege of Gaza, a determination to resist Israel's choices and further ethnic cleansing is established.
In symbolically joining, we inspire peaceful resistance, hope for peace, justice and a new day in the Middle East

When: Saturday May 15th, 2010 3:30 – 6:00 PM
The boat leaves at 4:00 PM, we will start meeting at 3:30 PM
Where: Washington Harbor, 3000 Mass Ave., NW. at the bottom of 31st St in Georgetown
Cost: $ 10.00 per Adult, children under 12 sail for free.
Additional Information:The boat ride is 1 hour, we will regroup afterwards around our digital billboard truck that will be displaying documentary video and pictures of the Nakba 1948 and the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians today. Bring posters that read: Free Palestine, End the Occupation, Nakba...62 years is enough, Stop U.S. tax Dollars to Israel, End the siege of Gaza. Please do not deviate from this theme.

If you have a boat, please join our flotilla on the Potomac.

If you do not wish to ride the boat, we need supporters cheering the boat from the Key Bridge; we also need photographers and videographers to document this event and help us submit a video to the Gaza Freedom March Nakba competition. The first prize will be $100 donated to the Free Gaza Flotilla.
This is a Family Friendly Event, bring your children for a beautiful ride on the Potomac. We'll be singing songs from the 60's.

Sponsored by: Washington Peace Center, Gaza Freedom March, Free Gaza Movement, US Campaign To End The Occupation.

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