Scotland : Freedom #Flotilla protest

Demonstrate for Gaza & Isolate the rogue State of Israel

The Israeli navy this morning massacred at least 10 peaceful, unarmed citizens from many different countries sailing to Gaza with humanitarian aid.  The massacre took place in international waters, 65 km off the coast of Gaza.  Over 700 other participants have been abducted to Israel by the Israeli military.  Israel's brutal siege of Gaza is now entering its fourth year, causing immense suffering.  The British government has not only supported this medieval siege; it has covered up for previous Israeli attacks on humanitarian ships and the kidnapping of British citizens by the Israeli navy.  The new Foreign Minister, Hague, has promised to remove provisions in British law that would allow the arrest and trial of those who commit such crimes. 
Scottish PSC calls on people of conscience to assemble in their town centres at the earliest to demand:
  • an immediate end to British support for the blockade of Gaza
  • the Scottish government support the call from the UN's Judge Goldstone for Israel to appear before the International Criminal Court for its crimes against humanity
  • the rogue state of Israel is stripped of its nuclear weapons
  • Scottish councils, universities and other institutions to boycott all Israeli produce, companies and institutions linked to the Israeli state

Assemble 5pm at the Foot of the Mound, Princes Street (07958002591)  
Assemble 5pm at George Square (07870701011)
Assemble 5pm at City Square (07941751452)
Assemble 5pm at St Nicholas Square (07980253337)
- Assemble
5pm at 2 Holm Street (07786508715)
Assemble 5pm at the Townhouse (07881527062)
Assemble 5pm at Low Street, Council Buildings
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