UK, Bradford: Viva Palestina Supporters Fundraising event

 We are organising a new mega Convoy, one by sea, the other by land.

Israel, we are not afraid of the big bad wolf. we are comingagain to bring aid to gaza in even bigger numbers. stop us if you can.Speakers will include
George Galloway founder of Viva Palestina
Tony Benn Ex Cabinet Minister Labour Party
Salma Yaqoob Respect Party Councillor
Mohammed Umar Chair Ramadhan Foundation
Arshad Ali Regional Co Ordinator Viva Palestina 
and others
Please reserve your tickets early as we expect a massive turnout. 
Tickets are only £10 each
Available fromthe Bradford VP team Call 07957 44 44 28
or some tickets may be available at the door. if you are lucky.