UK, Action Alert: Safe Passage for Gaza Freedom #Flotilla

Please contact your Local MP and other Government bodies to inform them about the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and it's aims. Put pressure on your MP to bring up a question in Parliament about what the British government will do to protect British peace activists on board the flotilla and allow the desperately needed aid to be delivered.

Contact Details

  1. Local MP Click here to find your local MP
  2. Prime Minister: Email David Cameron :
  3. Foreign Secretary: Use the following addresses to contact William Hague's Office :-
  1. Deputy Prime Minister: Email Nick Clegg on

Please inform of any responses.

A similar letter to the below was sent to the Foreign Secretary on
21 May 2010. Please feel free to amend it to send to your MP and the FCO.

Dear Mr Hague,

Freedom Flotilla to

As you are no doubt aware, the situation in the Israeli occupied Gaza Strip has reached a crisis point. Following on from almost 3 years of blockade, during which
Israel has consistently failed to allow adequate basic necessities to enter Gaza, the living conditions and quality of life for Gazans is abysmal.

In order to take action against the Israeli led embargo, the Freedom Flotilla consisting of 9 ships is headed for the
Gaza shores. With 700 volunteers on board including myself, we expect to reach Gaza on Friday 28th May 2010. The Israeli navy has made it clear that it will attempt to stop us from reaching Gaza and distributing the aid that we have spent months collecting and packing. Such intervention would be nothing short of an act of piracy as at no time is the flotilla to enter Israeli waters, and thus the Israeli navy has no jurisdiction to attempt to stop us.

I write to you as
Britain’s Foreign Secretary to request that you make clear what action the Foreign Office will take if the Israeli navy endangers the lives of peace activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla including British nationals. As well as protecting its nationals, Britain is also obliged to follow the EU Guidelines on protecting Human Rights Defenders.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,