USA, NYC: Rally To Demand the Right of Return 15.5.2011


Sunday, May 15 · 1:00pm - 4:00pm

47th St and 1st Ave
Manhattan, NY

We are living in a time of revolution. The face of the Middle East is changing daily, and the force of people's demands for justice and freedom have overwhelmed the dictators that have been holding the hopes and dreams of their citizens hostage

For Palestinians, this changing world has yet to become their reality. 63 Years after Al-Nakba, Palestinians across the globe are still facing catastrophic oppression. Palestinians in
Palestine and in the diaspora are continually being denied the right to exist as Palestinians, as free citizens of our world. Living under existential and physical occupation, it is the strength and determination of the Palestinian people that inspires this call to action.

We are calling for the implementation of Right of Return for Palestinian refugees to their homeland, and for the UN and the associated global community to live up to their responsibilities. Resolutions are nothing but words if no action is taken to honor them. Declarations of peace and peace processes mean nothing when negotiated by dictators and occupiers.

We answer Palestinian refugees' call from the refugee camps of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza and the West Bank, who will be mobilizing for the 63rd anniversary of Al-Nakba, and support them to the fullest extent possible. We will never forget the Nakba of 1948, and will continue to fight harder, and more passionately as long
Israel and the rest of the global community deny Palestinians their right of return, and their right to a homeland.

We are calling upon the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim communities, and every ally, supporter, and person committed to freedom and justice in the United States to take part in this action by endorsing, participating, spreading the word, and making it clear that Palestinian refugees' determination to return home is greater than ever, and will never be defeated even after 63 years of exile, oppression and occupation.

The twisted system of occupation and oppression that burdens and cripples the lives of Palestinians all over the globe must be dismantled if we, as a global community, are truly committed to the ideals of democracy and freedom for all.

We are calling on the Palestinian and Arab communities in the US and our allies to rally at the United Nations in New York at 1 pm at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th and First Avenue) on Sunday, May 15th, in support of the Right of Return and the actions taken on that day by refugees themselves.
If you would like to endorse this call and/or to join the Organizing Committee, please email us at

(Sponsor list in formation, if your organization would like to sponsor this action please email

Sponsors: Al-Awda NY: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, American Muslims for Palestine- NJ, American Muslims for Palestine NY, US Palestinian Community Network, WESPAC Foundation, Existence is Resistance, Hunter Students for Justice in Palestine, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, Brooklyn College Palestine Club, International Action Center, National Lawyers Guild - International Committee, Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat - North America, New York City Labor Against the War, Labor for Palestine, United National Anti War Committee NYC, Norma Harrison, California Peace and Freedom Party*, International Jewish AntiZionist Network,