UK, Sheffield Rally in solidarity with the Palestinian March 15th Movement

A rally will be held in solidarity with the March 15th Palestinian movement: "End the division, end the occupation".

As the Palestinians have had to endure 63 years since the nakba and occupation of historic Palestine and 44 years since the occupation of the West Bank & East Jerusalem and control of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian youth have decided to stage a mass protest movement, which has been dubbed by some as the third Intifada.

In the current climate of uprisings in the middle east, the goals of the movement are to end the Fatah-Hamas division to create a unified front for the Palestinians and hold free and fair elections, and to pressure Israel to end its brutal occupation and end the siege on Gaza. We have decided to hold a rally to show solidarity with the movement and to support the objectives demanded by the Palestinian youth. There will be speakers from Sheffield PSC and SWP.

Show your solidarity with the movement!


Tuesday, March 15 · 5:00pm - 6:00pm

outside Sheffield Town Hall