UK, Newcastle : Israel on Trial

Join the jury at our TRIAL BY THE PEOPLE to hold Israel and its imperialist backers to account!

Try the war criminals, not the resistance!

Put Israel on Trial for War Crimes!

Defend the 
Gaza Demonstrators!

Free Palestinian Political Prisoners!

Demand International Inquiry into the 
Gaza Flotilla Massacre!
While thousands of Palestinian political prisoners are held in Israeli jails .. While Gaza is held under a siege which has turned it into the biggest open air prison in the world .. While international aid activists are shot, arrested and deported by Israel as they try to enter Gaza .. While dozens of Muslim internationalists who joined the London protests for Gaza in 2009 are sentenced to punitive sentences .. The war criminals in Israel, and their accomplices in the British and US ruling classes go free!

3rd July 2010 this people’s court will be calling for action against Israel’s many crimes, which include:

· The establishment of a fundamentally racist, colonial settler state in
Palestine ..

· The construction of illegal settlements throughout the
West Bank, with a settler population reaching 479,500 by the end of 2008 and rapid new construction currently taking place in East Jerusalem..

· The routine use of collective punishment, imprisonment without trial, torture and assassinations.

· The destruction of Palestinians’ economy and livelihoods, with large areas of agricultural land destroyed, thousands of Palestinians’ homes demolished and checkpoints, settlement roads and an apartheid wall which make normal life impossible, cutting people off from their fields, jobs, schools and hospitals.

· A three year siege of
Gaza which has caused massive suffering, preventing fuel, building materials and other essentials from entering Gaza, contributing to many unnecessary deaths.

· The massacre of more than 1,400 residents of Gaza in January 2009 as part of Israel’s ‘Operation Cast Lead’, also leaving 90,000 people homeless and Gaza’s only power station badly damaged.

· The murder by Israeli commandoes on
31 May 2010 of at least nine international activists on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Israel! Sanctions Now!
Saturday, July 3, 2010
12:00pm - 3:00pm
Outside M&S
Northumberland Street
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom