UK, Manchester: Loss of Innocence: An Exhibition of Children’s Art from Gaza from 24.7.10

More than fifty pieces of art, some funny, some tragic, many beautiful, together with commentary and a supplementary information booklet are the basis for this exhibition. Additionally, short videos will be shown.

The exhibition has been collected by Rod Cox in March and April 2009 and displaying the work in the UK is the result of a promise made to the schools and youth groups in Gaza that he visited. The work is intended to educate us in the West and provide a psychological boost to those living in Palestine, helping them to believe that they are not isolated and restoring some self-esteem. The project is supported in this regard by Gaza Community Health, the Gaza Ministry of Education and UNESCO.
The children are very excited about their artwork even though a van, painted over by a Gazan school and intended to carry the project from Gaza to the UK, was not permitted to leave Gaza.

The exhibition can be viewed at

Manchester Cathedral
24 July to 7 august
9-5pm daily – Saturdays 4pm
Launch event 24 July 1pm
Free entry