UK: Derry Speaks To Gaza 25.7.10

Derry’s Guildhall will play host to the opening event of this year’s Feile with an exciting opportunity for the people of Derry to hear directly from Gaza in a live video link up as part of a major Palestine Solidarity Festival.

On the heels of Derry Friends of Palestine’s successful school twinning project where children in
Derry held a cultural learning event with children in Gaza. We invite you to the Guildhall for this special event to meet the people of Gaza during a live link at the event which will include Senior Palestinian representatives including a woman MP in Gaza who will address the audience in Derry.

There will be music, entertainment, raffles and presentations from aid agencies who work on the ground in
Palestine plus a range of other speakers, both local and international, who have been to Gaza and who are working to end the siege and the scandalous special trading privileges awarded to Israel by the European Union and various European Governments.

Main Speakers in Derry Include:

Hedy Epstein, (
USA ) internationally known for her activism, she is a Jewish Holocaust survivor and supporter of Palestinian freedom and ending the siege. Hedy has participated in flotillas and the recent Code Pink Freedom March in Egypt.

Dr Arafat Shoukri (
London, Brussels) of the European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza, and the Palestinian Rights Institute, who was responsible for the HOPE convoy in which Derry participated. He was also one of the main organisers of the recent Freedom Flotilla.

Bairbre deBrún, MEP, (Brussels/Ireland) She has been to Gaza many times on Parliamentarian Delegations, a campaigner for Palestine and witness to the immediate aftermath of the invasion.

AND MANY MORE................
· 1:00pm - 5:00pm