A Call for English to Arabic translators for Media BDS project

Volunteer translators are urgently needed for a project that will provide the local Palestinian and Arab press with Arabic coverage of solidarity and BDS actions that take place outside of Palestine. 

The goal of this project is to spread the information of the growing International Solidarity and
BDS movement to the Palestinian and Arab public as this knowledge inspires hope and confidence in the movements ability to achieve the goals of the Palestinian People. I We believe that informing the public in Palestine of the progress and efforts of the BDS campaign

The project would include providing press releases in Arabic to the Palestinian and Arabic printed and Internet media about Solidarity and
BDS actions abroad. In addition would also Provide translations of articles indicating the effects of BDS on Israeli society from the Israeli press. In the press releases we will include the goals of the united Palestinian call for BDS.
Providing pictures of solidarity and
BDS actions to the printed and Internet media
Providing videos to the local TV stations. ie Palestine TV, Al Aqsa TV and local city TV stations

|f you are interested in being on our team of translators and supporting BDS  send an email to arabmediabds[at]gmail.com