22nd JULY 2010: Phone Siege of Israeli Embassy in London

The action will isolate the consul's office; preventing normal work. It will remind the Israeli's that they are a rogue state outside the civilised community of nations.


The Consular Department answers telephone calls Mondays to Thursdays from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm only, the phone number is: 020 7957 9500

...We have been advised that Thursday is the best day to “call”! We therefore propose
Thursday 22nd July 2010 to begin with but hope to make this a regular event using different days of the week.

If callers get through they should calmly suggest that Israel should leave the occupied territories; make it clear you are calling on behalf of Palestine… you will be cut off but try to prolong the “chat” for as long as possible.

Once cut off immediately re-dial…. Hopefully there will be an engaged signal, as we will be jamming the switchboard…. Keep at it and repeat.

Thursday 22nd July 2010 2:00p.m. Until 5;00 p.m. 020 7957 9500 
(This is the day after the Jewish
Holiday “Fast of Tish a B’av)

Once through you will be asked to choose an option: 2 is the consul’s office.

IF there is a constant engaged tone signifying we have jammed the switchboard but by all means try other options too.
We have invited other groups to participate from around the world… taking account of time zones.
The more the better. We can disrupt the work of the Embassy, voice our protest direct and demonstrate the Israeli’s isolation at the same time.

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