Ireland, Dublin : IPSC Day School on Palestine

The programme is primarily aimed at people who have been affected by the Israeli State's actions and would like to get more involved in Palestinian solidarity work. It will cover the historical causes of the conflict and the current situation facing Palestinians and Israelis.

 It also includes workshops on activist initiatives, media work and advocacy and ongoing campaigns of the IPSC. Existing activists and interested people are also invited to attend. Modules will be delivered by IPSC members and associates. 


11.30-12 Registration

12- 1.30 Session 1

Historical introduction to Israel/Palestine

Israel/Palestine today

1.30-2 LUNCH

2-3.45 Session 2

2-3.15 Workshop 1: An introduction to
Palestine solidarity advocacy and activities

2-3.15 Workshop 2: Countering Hasbara (Israeli propaganda) and indifference.

3.15-3.45 Feedback from workshops


4-5.15 Session 3

4-5 pm Workshop 3: Media and public advocacy workshop

4-5 pm Workshop 4: Palestinian politics and Palestinian resistance

5-5.15 Feedback from workshops

5.15-6.00 Session 4

The IPSC and our solidarity work
Venue: Teacher’s Club, Parnell square

Time: 11.30-5.30 Sunday,
27 June, 2010

Cost: €5 unemployed/student €10 employed (All welcome, especially new activists and interested people)