Portland State University:Al-Nakba Awareness Week

Every year Palestinians commemorate the Nakba ("the catastrophe"): the expulsion and dispossession of hundreds of thousands Palestinians from their homes and land in 1948. In 1948 more than 60 percent of the total Palestinian population was expelled. More than 530 Palestinian villages were depopulated and completely destroyed. To date, Israel has prevented the return of approximately six million Palestinian refugees, who have either been expelled or displaced. Approximately 250,000 internally displaced Palestinian second-class citizens of Israel are prevented from returning to their homes and villages.

MAY 10-14
Hosted By SUPER

“Chronicles of a Refugee”
Multi-Cultural Center at 7:30 pm

Filmed in over 15 countries, with more than 250 interviews of Palestinian refugees who have lived in over 25 countries, this is the first documentary film to look at the global Palestinian refugee experience over the last 60 years.

Discussion Panel:
“The Misuse of Antisemitism”
Smith 298 at 7:00pm

Local Jewish Activists discuss antisemitism and the ways it has been used by Pro-Israeli groups

Discussion Panel:
“Remembering the Nakba"
Smith 298 at 6:30 pm

Local Palestinian share their stories of the Nakba and their experiences as refugees

SUPER’s Year end Party in the park
Park Blocks in front of
Smith 11-3 pm

Join us for music, poetry and good times to celebrate a great year of events