Belfast: Demonstration in Solidarity with Freedom #Flotilla, FRIENDS OF GAZA VIGIL

Friends of Gaza is calling for a public peaceful demonstration in solidarity with the Gaza Freedom Flotilla which is under threat from the Israeli Navy who say they aim to hijack the ships, and their 10,000 tonnes of supplies, and arrest, detain and/or deport their passengers. 

We are calling for people to mobilise at
4pm on Monday 31st May at the CITY HALL BELFAST in a public display of support for the brave people of many nationalities - including 11 Irish nationals - who are aiming to break Israel's inhumane 3-year-old seige by sea. 
Whether it will be a celebration for the supplies and people reaching their destination or a protest against Israeli piracy on the high seas is in the hands of the Israeli state. 
This is to be a peaceful demonstration attached to no organisation but merely organised by ordinary people calling ourselves "Friends of Gaza"... please show your support & be there!!