Atlanta, GA:2nd Annual Day in the Park: Commemorating the Nakba

Movement to End Israeli Apartheid-Georgia invites you to its second annual Day in the Park. To commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba and to honor the collective struggle and resiliency of Palestinians in the homeland and in the diaspora, we invite you to an afternoon of community building, food, music, and fun.

We will have a large map of Palestine for all Palestinians to mark their places of origin. We will never forget our history as we carry it with us through the present!

If you are able, please bring food and friends! Transportation happily provided upon request.

Grant Park; Atlanta, GA 30315 (Large Pavilion at the corner of Boulevard and Confederate Ave. SE. Bus routes 32 and 397 go to the park.

Call (404) 507-6502 with any questions or concerns.
Saturday, May 15, 2010
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Grant Park
Pavilion at the Corner of Boulevard and Confederate Ave. SE
Atlanta, GA